“When I got for the first time to Campei di Fondo, by chance, I felt I was saved. A couple of friends and myself were coming down from the mountain when we got caught in a blizzard and lost our way.
It was scary.
Eventually, we arrived at this house, big but abandoned. We opened the door and found a large fireplace with two benches and so we managed to light the fire and spent the night there”.

Giovanni Zambiasi

Campei is special for me, but not only for me, it feels so for everyone who's a guest there. It's a good vibe, high energy place, filled with peace and positivity. People who get here can't wait to come back.
Personally, I can barely stand a week without going, despite the weather or the season.
Because here it feels good.
Really good”.

Giovanni Zambiasi

Historical hints

It is said that was built in the 1600s. A stable, a room to prepare butter and cheese plus one little shack in Campei di Mezzo (now run-down) were included at that time. Together with Campei di Cima, it was part of a well-functioning system called “malga”, where people were self-sufficient and could provide for themselves. It originally belonged to the Andreoli family, coming from Armo in Valvestino.
The Andreolis were herdsmen. During the XVI° century they moved to Gargnano Mount, in a village called S. Maria di Navazzo, where they bred cows and used to make their own milk derived products.
In 1602 they built in their malga in Campei di Cima a small chapel dedicated to Saint Mary of the Snow, where to these days – on the 5th of August – Madonna is celebrated.
The village was rebuilt by the Gruppo Alpini di Salò who is taking care of it.
In the fields rye, potatoes and barley are cultivated; autochthonuos fruits are seasonally collected; cows and even goats are bred.
In the Seventies the sanctuary was bought by Ersaf – Ente Regionale per I Servizi all'Agricoltura e alle Foreste – and the malga was abandoned. In the Eighties more was added.

Where to find it

Campei di Fondo Sanctuary is located in the heart of the Alto Garda Park, about 14 km from Toscolano-Maderno (Garda Lake) and 20 km from Idro Lake.
It belongs to “the Land between the two lakes”, Valley of Campiglio (altitude 780mt), on the wild side of the Park rich in autochthonous flora&fauna.

Why choose Campei di Fondo Sanctuary?

How to get

You can reach it by horse or by foot. It's a trip through the dark forest where exceptional sensations can be part of the adventure when finally arriving to the light and good vibes that make this place so special.

All comforts

You can really be outside of this world, enter a new natural dimension without leaving behind the comfort of a warm bedroom, well-functioning bathroom – and a shower, too – and a well-stocked kitchen with Personal Chef service. You are only asked to put aside your phone and your watch to enjoy the time spent here.

Fine selection

Personal Chef service offers food and drinks from the local area or surroundings (Italian products only), fresh fruits and vegetables. Our wine selection is valuable and customized.

I protect and guard this place as my precious home. I personally take care of it and built it as I wanted it to look like. It's my personal sanctuary and I like to share it with people who can appreciate it as much as I do. I only ask for the same kind of respect and love”.

Giovanni Zambiasi

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